Young Hob (Mr. Springthorpe)

Last Monday the town of Ashby-de-la-zouch was greatly alarmed by one John Grundy, a Person of that Town, attempting to lay violent hands upon himself; He was discovered first in his own house, stripped to his Shirt, and the Neck unbuttoned, searching about for a Cord, declaring to his Neighbour, for what purpose he wanted it.——Not being able to find one there, he went to a Stable adjoining, but was again diverted from his terrible purpose by not finding the Instrument; he then determined to alter the mode of his exit, and telling those around him he would go drown himself, proceeded accordingly to the river, where he undressed, but being followed by several people, he was fortunately prevented from executing his purpose.——Various are the conjectures what could be the occasion of the above rash attempt. He, since the recovery of his senses, affirms it to be a fit of Jealousy of Young Hob, a Neighbour, who lately had insinuated an intention of adorning his Brows; but tho’ Nobody who knows the Parties, believed this, yet the additional circumstance of the offer of Half a Crown, which the said Hob has been heard to say he would give to the Man if he was sure he would dispatch himself, seems rather to corroborate the suspicion of Hob’s being in Earnest.——It is however much to be wished, both that Young Hob, and every one of his quarm turk, would either mortify his Passions, or not boast their indulgence, to the destruction of their Fellow Creatures.