Yesterday the assizes began for this borough

The Coroner’s inquest which sat by adjournment at Packingham on Friday last, touching the death of a new-born female child, as mentioned in out last, brought in their verdict wilful murder, by a person or persons unknown.
++On Saturday last a poor man, a traveller, was found dead near the turnpike road betwixt Kibworth and Glenn; he lay at Glenn the night before and was very ill. There were no marks of violence upon him, and he had 2s. and some half-pence in his pockets. On Monday the Coroner’s inquest sat upon the body and brought in their verdict natural death.
++Yesterday the assizes began for this borough and county, when John Smithson otherwise Smith, was capitally convicted of publishing a Bill of Exchange, knowing it to be forged, value 20l. purporting to be the draft of Sir George Smith, of Nottingham, drawn upon Mr. Bland and Son, Bankers in Lombard-street London, and for which he obtained cash of Mr. Bentley in this town, and afterwards absconded. — his defence was weak and trifling; he said he took the Bill of one Brown, at Mr. Glovers at the Spital-house near this town, but this man not appearing, or any other evidence, he was found guilty; and we hear he is ordered for execution. — Samuel Galloway was convicted for stealing a leg of mutton, value 10d., and ordered to be publickly whipt. — Against Mary Darlow, no Bill was found.
++Last night John Douglas, alias Smith, alias Porter, was brought in a chaise strongly guarded from Coventry, and he will take his trial here today.