William Kenny, Framework-knitter

Whereas William Kenny, late of Sheepshead, Framework-knitter, on Monday the 17th Instant made his Escape form the Constable of the said Parish, being charged with assaulting Hannah Chester, of Gracedieu Liberty, in the Parish of Belton in the County of Leicester, on the King’s Highway, with a felonious attempt to ravish her. Whoever will apprehend the said Kenny, and deliver him to the said Constable, shall receive one guinea and reasonable Charges.
++Witness my hand,
++++Sept 18, 1764, THOMAS MOULD, Constable.
William Kenny stands about Five Feet Eleven Inches high, about Twenty Years of Age, dark lank Hair, thin faced, full eyed, wore a lightish coloured Coat, old red Waistcoat, old Leather Breeches, and old small Hat uncocked, and lightish thread Stockings.