William Arnold

WHEREAS my Nephew and late Servant ROBERT ARNOLD, hath presumed to take upon himself the weighty and important Charge of restoring to Health and a sound Mind, those unhappy Persons whose Intellects are disordered, and who are generally called by the general Appellation of MAD PEOPLE; and endeavours to avail himself of my Name, and of his Relationship to me, in order to deceive the Public: — I think it is a Duty which I owe my Son Doctor THOMAS ARNOLD, whom I educated as a Physician, with a particular View to succeed me in the Practice of Curing LUNATICS, and to whom I communicated all I Know, relative to that deplorable Disorder, and my method of Curing it; — a Method which I followed with the greatest and happiest Success for about the space of 30 ears:—and also my Duty to the Public, on which the aforesaid ROBERT ARNOLD is using his utmost Endeavours to impose; and which if he succeeds in his Endeavours, he must necessarily injure:—I say, I think it is a Duty, which I owe both to my Son, and to those who may so unhappy to have Friends afflicted with this terrible Disorder,—to inform the Public,—
++That the above mentioned ROBERT ARNOLD was no more than my Servant; and that after I declined Practice, he continued in that Character under my son Doctor THOMAS ARNOLD.
++That while he was in my Service, and afterwards during his continuance under my Son, which was till the 25th of February, this present Year 1768, his only Business was to take such care of our Patients, as should prevent them from doing any injury either to themselves or to others: and to administer such Medicines as were prepared for them.
++That I never did, nor ever intended to make him acquainted with any one of the medicines which I made use of; nor in any respect did I ever give him the least Insight into any single Branch of my Method of Practice in these Disorders.