We hear from Burton-on-Trent

We hear from Burton-on-Trent that a few days since, one Elizabeth Page, and old Woman of Shelton, in that parish, being left in the House alone, fell into the fire and was burnt to death; what is remarkable, she had a sister burnt to death, in the same village, a little more than a year ago.
++From the same place we hear, that on Tuesday last, as one of the Burton Boats was coming up the river, one of the Watermen being in liquor fell overboard and was drowned.
++And on the same day, a child of Mr. Robert Lea’s of Coton-Park near Burton-on-Trent, happening to stand in the way of one of the Maid Servants, who was taking a large kettle of boiling water off the fire, it flew all over the child, who languished till 4 o’clock the next morning when he died.
++On Monday the 21st of May last, Thomas Watkins, of Cole-Orton moor, in this County, Coal-miner, accidentally fell into a pit in the liberty of Cole-Orton, whereby he received divers Wounds of which he languished till Wednesday last and then died. On Friday the Coroner’s Inquest sat on the body and brought in their verdict accidental death.
++It is with pleasure that we inform the public, that the building for the intended County Infirmary, in this town, is in so much forwardness as to promise a speedy relief to those needy and sickly objects which so frequently excite out Compassion.