We have he pleasure to inform the public

We have he pleasure to inform the public from authority, that in consequence of information received from a Tradesman at Yarmouth, that the highest price of Wheat at present in that market is only 4s 6d a strike, with a generous offer that if any quantity was thought proper to be bought up for the service of the poor, he would give his trouble in buying and shipping it gratis: several public spirited persons have thought proper to come to a resolution of raising immediately a fund for that purpose, and accordingly 800l. has been subscribed by eight gentlemen, and an order sent off immediately to buy up a quantity if grain, which ’tis hoped if the wind and the weather permits, may arrive here in about thee weeks or a month. It is calculated that the freight and carriage will not amount to more than 1s a strike, and as it will be sold out without any profit, ’tis hoped will prevent the farther rise of Wheat, which on Saturday last sold here at 7s 3d per strike. — In the mean time Mr. Alderman Phipps has bought up in Hertfordshire and brought hither, 700 stone of Wheat Flour, which he’s now retailing out to the poor at prime cost. — Such is the generous disposition of the wealthy inhabitants towards their poor suffering fellow creatures.
++On Saturday last Thomas Horner, now in our County Gaol, who made his escape from there in May 1763, and lately retook at Croydon in Surrey, attempted to hang himself in his Cell, but was found out before he was quite dead; though he lay near an hour before it could be told whether he would live or die.