We do in this public manner, ask Forgiveness

We the underwritten John Smith, Thomas Millis and John Harwood, Do hereby acknowledge that on the 17th of June last, we were Angling in LADY LORRAINE’s River, in the Lordship of Enderby, without her Ladyship’s leave. We do in this public manner, ask Forgiveness of her Ladyship, for this Offence, and do Promise never to be guilty of the like again. On Condition of which, her Ladyship hath forgiven us this Time, it being the first Offence. Witness our Hands the 21st day of August 1766.
++++++++JOHN SMITH,

N.B. It has been reported, to the disadvantage of her Ladyship’s Servant at Enderby, That he had granted us Liberty to Fish. We think it but Justice to declare, that we never had such a Liberty granted us.