Walker’s Patent Jesuit Drops

The Perusal of the following Advertisement is earnestly recommended to the Public.

Or, the Drops of Health and Long-Life,
In Bottles of 5s. or 2s. 6d. proportionable.

Notice is hereby given to Persons of both Sexes afflicted with Gleets and Weakness of the Seminal Vessels, of ever so long standing, or with the Veneral Disease an all its different Stages, from the slightest to the most malignant Infection, that on Friday 31st October, 1755, his Majesty’s Royal Letters-Patent passed the Great Seal for England and the Plantations in America, to ROBERT WALKER, the Inventor and Proprietor of that noble, compendious and never-failing Medicine; which said Patent Jesuit Drops are the most certain, pleasant, safe, cheap, effectual and immediate Cure for the several Disorders above-mentioned; this Medicine is also a great Purifier of the Blood in all Scorbuticks, has no Mercurials in its Composition, and neither purges or vomits, but carries the Disorder clean off by Urine, (the Dose only 15 drops in Wine, Water, or on Sugar) and is an excellent Remedy for Travellers and Persons going to Sea, as to be taken so secret that even a Bedfellow cannot make Discovery, and at any Time, in any Season or Climate, (keeping their full Virtue Ten Years) without alteration in Diet; and eradicates, Root and Branch, all the poisonous Symptoms of that loathsome Distemper, without the least distaste to the Palate, Disorder of Body, or Confinement; absolutely answers all the Ends that can be expected by Salivation, and was never known to miss of curing after Salivation had failed.

Observe that the above Drops are Sold only by J. Gregory in Leicester; J. Terry in Burton; G. Ward in Nottingham; E. Lockwood in Mansfield; J. Salt in Wirksworth; and W. Allen in Newark.

At the same places may be had,

Dr. GRANT’S most Incomparable and Never-Failing CHYMICAL-DROPS (Price One-Shilling the Bottle).

Also the famous British OLEUM ANODYNUM, or the British Balsam of Health, Price 2s. 6d. a Bottle.