very dreadful thunder and lightening

Thursday morning the Lady of John Simpson, Esq; was safely delivered of a son and heir, at his house in this town.
++By a correspondent from Burton-on-Trent we are informed, that on Tuesday the 15th of this instant, they had a most violent hail-storm attended with very dreadful thunder and lightening, and at Rolleston, a village about two miles from that town, a man, his wife, and daughter, who were reaping in a field, were all three struck down by the lightening. The man┬álay for some time insensible, and when he came to himself he found his wife dead, her hair of her head, and head-cloths being in flames, and her shoes on her feet burnt to a cinder.—The girl and her father received no other harm than being struck down
++We hear from Ashby in this county, that on Monday the 4th of September next, a great boxing match will be fought between the noted Turner, and the famous Dart, the London Dyer, upon Swinfield-moor, near Derby, for 2 Hundred Guineas.—It is said some thousand pounds are depending on this trial of manhood.