two remarkable Indictments for Perjury

At our Assizes which ended here yesterday, two remarkable Indictments for Perjury, found at the last Lent Assizes against Thomas Peach Esquire, a gentlemen of character and fortune in this neighbourhood (which were brought down for Trial on Certioraries obtained on a special Application at his own instance) were tried before the honourable Mr. justice Bathurst, and special Juries consisting of gentlemen of the first consideration; when after a short hearing, the Defendant was honourably acquitted.
++At the above assizes William Newton, Richard White and Thomas Frost, sentenced to death at the last assizes, were ordered to be transported for 14 years; Jane Tilley and Anne Tilley, charged with the wilful murder of a new-born bastard child, were acquitted. Thomas Sketchley, discharged by proclamation; and Charles Cook, for wrenching off by violence, several hooks, thimbles and gates in the liberty of Beaumont Lees and taking away the same, was ordered to be transported for 7 years.
++On Thursday se’nnight a great number of disorderly people assembled at West-Haddon in Northamptonshire, under pretence of a foot-ball play, and committed great outrages to the damage of 2000l. and upwards, by breaking down all the posts and rails lately erected in a new enclosed field, which they burnt and totally destroyed. — On Friday last we are informed a troop of horse marched from Northampton to West-Haddon aforesaid, and have already taken 23 of the above rioters, who are now confined in a barn, with a guard constantly mounted over them.