Two Footpads

Whereas on Monday Evening, the 19th of this Instant October, about 7 o’clock at Night, Edward Hooke, Junior, of Kirby in Leicestershire, was stopped on the King’s Highway, upon the road leading for Hinkley, about a mile from Leicester, by Two Footpads; who with a Pistol held to his Breast, had his Pockets rifled by one of the Villains, and a Silver Watch taken from him marked as under, RICHARDS on the upper Dial-Plate, and a Manch Engraved on the bottom of the Out-Case almost worn out. This Advertisement is inserted for the benefit of the Public, as a possible means of bringing to Justice such daring offenders.
++Any Person giving Intelligence of the above Watch to Mr. Hooke, Senior, of Kirby aforesaid, so as to be the means of apprehending the Robbers, shall receive One Guinea Reward upon Conviction, besides what they will be entitled to by Act of Parliament.