To the Rioters


The Consequences of your late Riots are Terrible: Thousands of you have been guilty of Felony; many already imprisoned; the magistrates will do their Duty; what must be the event to yourselves; without this necessary exertion of their Power you’ll all be starved; — Think before its too late. — Every Thing that can be thought of had been done for your Benefit. — The Exportation of Wheat is at an End; the Distilling is stopped; the Laws against Regrating and Forestalling are ordered to be put in Execution; Farmers have been required to bring Provisions to Market. — And nothing but your own Indiscretion can prevent you reaping the Benefit. — Provisions of course must be lower.
++All Farmers &c. may depend on being protected both in their Persons and Properties, that bring Provisions to either Fair or Market.