To the Printer


I am fond of knowing How the World goes, as the Common Expression is, and therefore I am a constant Purchaser of your News-Paper.—I read it generally with great Pleasure, but now and then I meet with, what is to me an Unintelligible Piece of Latin, and by that am prevented Understanding perhaps a whole Sentence or Paragraph, and I know this to be the Case with many more of your Readers. I wish therefore if you think it needful to have Latin in your Paper, you would also put after it the proper English, so that those whose Education does not enable them to understand that Language, may notwithstanding understand your News-Paper.—Your Paper is principally designed for, and used by the Lower Class of People, whose Knowledge seldom extends to Latin; it appears to me therefore not a little Preposterous, to pretend to inform them in an unknown Tongue.
++In you last, you insert something I suppose as Advice to the Landed Interest, but it is in Latin and therefore many Persons of considerable Landed Property cannot understand it.—I have heard many of your Readers complain of these Things and wish you would let them have plain English instead thereof.
++I am your constant Reader and Wellwisher,