To the Printer

To the Printer of the Leicester and Nottingham Journal.

+++++In Yours of the 28th ult. I observed An Extract of a Letter from this Town, copied from the St. James’s Evening-Post, intimating the speedy finishing of our new Cock-pitt at Ascough’s; that it is nearly finished is true, and elegantly too; but who is this invidious Remarker upon social Amusements tending to unite Mankind in Friendship and Innocent Entertainment?—He seems fearful less the Sanctity of Bricks once belonging to a Church should be polluted; but what is the danger “of making the House of God a Den of Thieves?—Why he tells us, He will be there himselfand has invited his friend;—so that if we do “risk all at a single Stake” which he roundly asserts, we may indeed stand a fair chance of being fleeced unless some Person will kindly give us a hint, who the Author and his Friend are, in which case we may possibly keep the Thieves out of the Den, and avoid the danger, with which we are so very publickly threatened.