to take their trials

The following prisoners are to take their trials at our ensuing assizes, which begin the 7th of August next, viz. William Newton, Richard White and Thomas Frost, sentenced to death last assizes, but reprieved; Jane Tilley and Ann Tilley, both late of Gumley in this county, single women, charged on the coroners inquest with both being guilty of the wilful murder of a new born male bastard child, of the body of the said Jane Tilley. Thomas Sketchley, late of Hinkley in this county, Framework-knitter, having been arrested by the constable of Whitwick in the said county, for forcibly breaking into the house of Elizabeth Pratt, of Whitwick aforesaid, on Sunday the 19th day of May last, about five of the clock in the afternoon, and being carried before Charles Skrymsher Boothby, Esq; one of his Majesty’s justices of the peace for the county of Leicester, was by him committed to gaol, 20th May 1765.