to take their Trials

The following Prisoners are to take their Trials at the Assizes for this Borough and County, which begin on Wednesday next the third of August. Samuel Truelove charged with a Felony and Burglary. William Wilkes, Elizabeth Wilkes and Geo. Mowsly charged with Felony and Burglary. William Shenton charged on Suspicion of setting fire to a house at Whetstone in this County.
++Last week Joseph Ford of Croft, in this County, was accidentally killed by the Wheel of a Waggon running over and breaking his Leg, in the Liberty of Croft aforesaid.
++On Monday last Richard Wallian, Infant, aged about 4 Years and a half, was accidentally killed by a Tub with about a Strike of Flour, falling upon him, in the Liberty of Barkbythorpe.
++And on Wednesday John Lovatt of Burton-Overy was killed by accidentally falling from a waggon as he was loading some Hay.