to prevent the Ruin of several Young People

In order to prevent the Ruin of several Young People in this Borough:

Notice is hereby given to the Masters of Publick Houses kept in the Borough of Leicester, That unless an immediate stop is put to, and care taken by them, that no Cards be made use of, or any other unlawful Game whatever, be exercised in such Houses; and likewise the Keeper of the Billiard Table (which is greatly frequented at unseasonable Hours, not only for diversion, but purely the sake of Gaming to Excess) is likewise to take Notice, that upon the first Offence of the like sort committed after this Advertisement, an Information will be assuredly lodged against such Offender or Offenders, to the Justices of the Peace of this Borough, and proper Measures taken to prevent such evil Practices for the future (as the Law directs).