To Mr. L.H. at Netherseal

To Mr. L.H. at Netherseal.

After stating your Question, You ask, How such a rascally villain ought to be punished? At present there wants proof that such a Person exists, or whether it is not a man of Straw you make so free with?—Supposing it to be Fact, you ought to have pointed out the Man, and not have left the World to judge of this Man or the other, or the whole body of Millers, for the Offence of One.
++But if your Corn was good, it might still make clammy read, from an improper use of Liquor or other means. It might be fusty Bread, by making use of Grounds from a fusty Barrel instead of Yeast to raise the Spunge with—so that the candid Reader, may perhaps suspect a want of proper Management at Home, a fault which frequently attends a too diligent Enquiry, after either criminal or accidental Mistakes abroad—and sometimes produces one of the worst Crimes, the blast of Reputation. I call it one of the worst, because clearly irreparable,
++Yours &c.
+++++An Old MILLER