To be Lett

To be LETT
And entered upon at Michaelmas next

A messuage and Framesmith’s Shop with its appurtenances, in Humberstone-gate, Leicester, now in the Tenure of Mr. George White. Enquire of Mr. Richard Hill, Attorney at Law.
N.B. A Chariot to be Sold.


To be LETT
And entered upon immediately, at Rotherby in the County of Leicester.

A Convenient Dwelling House, completely furnished, with a Coach House, Stables for Twenty Horses with Dove-Coats with very convenient Outhouses, and also a Garden well planted.
For further particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Allsop, Attorney at Law at Loughbro’.


To be LETT
And entered upon immediately: at Belgrave near Leicester.

A Handsome House, with or without the Furniture, with Gardens and Orchard planted with good Fruit-Trees, Dovecote, Coach house, Stables and other convenient buildings, and a Walled Paddock thereto adjoining, containing 3 Acres; and also the Royalty of the Manor of Belgrave and Fishing in the River Sore. Enquire of Mr. Charles Barwell, Attorney at Law in Leicester.