to all the Little Masters and Misses in Leicester

Mr. Gregory’s Compliments to all the Little Masters and Misses in Leicester and the Neighbourhood; that are good Boys and good Girls, and desires that they will call at his Shop in the Market place, where they may be furnished with any of the following BOOKS, just received from their old friend Mr. Newberry.

1. NURSE TRUELOVE’S CHRISTMAS-BOX; or The Golden Plaything for Little Children; by which they may learn their Letters as soon as they can speak and know how to behave so as to make every body love them. Adorned with Thirty Cuts. Price One Penny.

2. NURSE TRUELOVE’S NEW-YEAR’S-GIFT; or The Book of Books for Children. Adorned with Cuts; and designed for a present to every little Boy who would become a great Man, and ride upon a fine horse; and to every little Girl, who would become a great Woman, and ride in a Lord-Mayor’s gilt Coach. Price Two-pence.

3. NURSE TRUELOVE’S EASTER-GIFT; or, the way to be very good. Price Two-pence gilt.

4. NURSE TRUELOVE’S WHITSON-GIFT; or, the way to be very happy. Price Two-pence gilt.

5. A Pretty Play-Thing for Children of all Denominations; Containing: i. The Alphabet in Verse for the use of little Children. ii. An Alphabet in Prose, interspersed with proper Lessons in Life, for the use of great Children. iii. The Sound of the Letters explained by visible Objects, delineated on Copper Plates. iv. The Cuz’s Chorus set to Music: to be sung by Children, in order to teach them to join their Letters into Syllables, and pronounce them properly. v. An exact representation of a good Fat Cuz, arrayed in the Robes of his Order. The whole embellished with a Variety of Cuts, after the Manner of PTOLOMY. Price Three-pence bound and gilt.

6. A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, intended for the Instruction and Amusement of little Master TOMMY, and pretty Miss POLLY; with two letters from JACK the GIANT-KILLER, concerning a Ball and Pincushion; the use of which will infallibly make TOMMY a good Boy, and POLLY a good Girl. The Tenth Edition. To which is added, a little Song-Book, being a new attempt to teach Children the Use of the English Alphabet, by way of Diversion. Price Six-pence bound and gilt.

7. Food for the Mind; or, a new Riddle-Book; compiled for the Use of great and little good Boys and Girls of England, Scotland and Ireland. By JOHN-THE-GIANT-KILLER, Esq. The Third Edition. Price Six-pence bound and gilt.