To all Florists &c.

To all FLORISTS &c.

Your Company is desired to dine with the Society of Florists &c. at J BISHOP’s, at the 3 Crowns in Leicester, on Thursday the 25th of April 1765; where a good Ordinary will be provided, and the Favour gratefully acknowledged by your humble Servants,
++CH. HALFORD Stewards
There will be six free Prizes for Auriculas and Polyanthos, viz.
For the best and completest Auricula: 10s 6d
++— the second best: 5s 0d
++— the third ditto: 2s 6d
For the best and completest Polyanthos: 10s 6d
++— the second best: 5s 0d
++— the third best: 2s 6d
Gentlemen are desired to send in their Flowers by One o’Clock; a proper person will be provided to take Care of the same, till Judges are appointed.
++All Persons to whom the Prize-Flowers shall belong, will be required to prove it has been their own Property and in their own Possession two Months from the Day of shewing, otherwise it will not be entitled to the Prize. Dinner to be on the Table at a Quarter after One o’Clock.