three persons received sentence of death

Yesterday the Assizes ended for the borough and county of Leicester, when three persons received sentence of death, viz, Stannes Young, for horsestealing; Thomas Castledine and Elizabeth his wife, for the murder of Edward Brown, a travelling pedlar. Samuel Moore, Anthony Grundy, Mary Bennet and Thomas Russell were acquitted.
++Thomas Castledine pleaded guilty, but his wife put herself upon her trial alleging in her defence—that her husband had told her some days before the fact was committed, that he heard Brown had money and was determined to rob him,—that she used her utmost endeavours to dissuade him from it, representing to him the consequence of such an action—that he promised her he would at her entreaty desist, but—that on the fatal night when they and Brown lay in the same room, her husband told her after they were in bed, that he would certainly rob him that night, but neither then or any other time gave the least hint of his intention to murder him—she renewed her intreaties to dissuade him—to make her easy he again promised not to do it—that her husband awaking her at four o’clock in the morning said he was resolved upon robbing Brown, and nothing should hinder him and that endeavouring again to dissuade him, he was very angry at her,—that about six o’clock (after the Baker’s man was gone), her husband got up, went to Brown’s bed side, and said Mr. Brown you have money and I am determined to have it,—that Brown got up and declared he would not part with his money, a scuffle ensued,—She then got out of bed to take her husband off Brown,—that Brown struck her and threw her down, fell upon her, took hold of her hand with his teeth and bit it almost through,—that then her husband offered to return to Brown what he had robbed him of if Brown would let them go, but Brown refused and said he would bring them to justice and those he could not kill he would take,—that soon after she felt something warm running over her bosom, upon which she said to her husband, Lord Tom, what is this—that her husband answered blood, better his than yours,—that she then struggled—got from under Brown—took her bundle and went down stairs, waited in the entry 9 or 10 minutes, when her husband came down to her, and they went off together. But appearing by several witnesses, that on their being first apprehended, she had confessed herself equally concerned with her husband, the jury brought her in guilty. They are to be hanged on monday next, and their bodies delivered to surgeons.