Thomas Griffith, Cutler and Surgeon’s Instrument-Maker

Cutler, and Surgeon’s Instrument-Maker
Begs leave to inform those whom it may Concern

That he has invented a Spring Compress for Ruptured People, quite different from any thing yet made Publick, which gives immediate Ease, and no more pain than a Glove on your Hand; it is constructed on such a principal, that all the Actions of the Human Body may be performed when it is wore, and in two or three Months time, through Divine Providence, makes a perfect Cure, though the patient be ever so Aged; and flatters himself, as nothing of the kind has been practised, it will meet with the reward it’s deserving of, and the Sanction of the Faculty.
++Likewise, makes all kinds of Leg Irons for deformed Limbs, Steel Shapers for Ladies, &c. &c.
++He is to be heard of at Mr. Palmer’s Cutler, in Leicester, where the Surgeons may have all kinds of INSTRUMENTS made and repaired in the neatest manner.