Thomas Berridge

Whereas Thomas Berridge, son of William Berridge, Baker, of Twyford, in the county of Leicester, absented himself on the 8th of this instant July (as Advertised in this Paper of the 11th of the said Month) and took away with him a Poney, which he left at the Sign of the Star in Belgrave gate, Leicester, saying, He would call for the Poney in a few Minutes, but never returned. He was dressed in a blue grey linsey wolsey Coat and a Fustian Waistcoat; is about 16 Years old, rather of a palish Complexion, with dark brown Hair.
++All Persons, but more particularly those in the Baking Business, of whom it is supposed he would ask Work or Assistance, are hereby earnestly requested, by his afflicted and disconsolate Parents, to take Notice of this Advertisement, and if they can convey the slightest Intelligence of this Thoughtless Boy, to the Printer of this Paper, it may be the means of leading to a Discovery, where he may now be, and will be most gratefully acknowledged. — To all who have Tenderness and Humanity to feel the Distresses of a Mother, this will be Motive sufficient, and to all such is this Advertisement addressed, that it may not be passed over without Attention.
++If this paper should fall into his own Hands, he is required on his Duty, (is any still Remains) and as he values the Life of a Parent who tenderly Loves him, immediately to write, either to his Father or Uncle, or to the Printer hereof. If any Reason can exist to make his Return disagreeable to himself, his Uncle, Thomas Berridge, on receiving a line, will directly come to him, and supply him with the Necessaries, Money, &c. till a suitable place can be procured.
++All Carriers, the Keepers of Turnpike Gates, &c. are desired to recollect themselves, whether or no they saw any such Boy, at or about the Time above mentioned.