this day opened for Sale

There is this day opened for SALE at my Warehouse at the Nags-head and Horse-Shoe in Humberstonegate: A large Assortment of Line-drapery, Mercery, Millinary and Haberdashery, lately bought at Sales in London, at least Four Shillings in the Pound under the original Cost. Best Four Shilling Gauzes at 2d per yd. Irish Linnens at 3d per yard cheaper than usual, and every other Article in Linnen drapery, proportionally cheap, notwithstanding the great opposition and exceeding ill Treatment I have met with from Mr. John Cramant, in order to prevent my Sales; And to render his envious Malice abortive, I am resolved to SELL CHEAPER than Mr. CRAMANT CAN BUY, notwithstanding his pretensions to sell cheaper than any Person whatsoever:—I am therefore determined to sell considerably cheaper than him; suppose it to be at prime Cost: As Goods will be sold so low, that such an Opportunity may seldom or ever happen again to the Inhabitants of this Town.—Those who please to favour me with their Commands, the Obligation will be gratefully acknowledged by their humble Servant to Command,
N.B. The Sale to continue whilst Mr. Cramant continues selling CHEAP.