the several following Persons

Whereas the several following Persons, viz: Thomas Grimes, Sarah Bonner, John Langham, John Blower, John Grondridge, William Hawley, Abrahan Pettifer, Thomas Langham, John Hodson and Joseph Stanley, all of Hinckley; William Halford of Desford; William Bull and Thomas Bull of Burbage; stand charged by Information on oath with divers Felonies and Misdemeanours, and particularly with being assembled in the Town of Hinckley in the County of Leicester, on Thursday the 9th day of October last past, together with other Persons unknown, and in a Riotous and Tumultuous Manner committing divers Violences and outrages, and especially for forcing themselves into a Room where the Constable of Hinckley had in his Custody Samuel Kem and James Davis, two notorious Rioters, against whom Information had been given, and rescuing the said Prisoners from the Hands of Justice.
++And whereas on Thursday night the 13th of this Instant November, John Blakesley was likewise rescued from the hands of the said Constable of Hinckley, by his brother William Blakesley, who are both Fled; Notice is hereby Given: That whoever shall apprehend any of the above mentioned Persons, and give Notice to John Bosworth, Constable of Hinckley aforesaid, shall receive Two Guineas for each Offender so apprehended.
++Kem is about 30 years old, by Trade a Stocking-maker, inclinable to Fat, and a bold resolute looking Fellow. Davis is a slender Man, black lank Hair, about five Feet four Inches, is likewise a Stocking-maker, but can work as a Labourer.