the self moving Machine

We can assure our Readers, on the Authority of a Gentlemen of this Town, (an intimate Friend of Mr. Moore of Cheapside, London, inventor and Patentee of the self moving Machine) that, That Gentlemen proposed going in it to York Races, which begin the 19th or 20th of this month; and so sanguine are some of his mechanical friends that a Bett of 500 Guineas was laid a few Days ago, that the said Machine would go twelve Miles within the Hour, on a Turnpike Road, before the end of the present month, and we are also authorised to acquaint our Readers that Mr. Moore will stop one night in Leicester on his return from York.
++At the Florist Feast last Wednesday, One Hundred and Twenty-four Gentlemen met on the occasion, and Dined at the Three Crowns. The Prizes for the Flowers were adjudged as follows: (viz.)

To Mr. Berry of Rothly, for the best broken Carnation, the Panther – 1l. 1s. 0d.
To Mr. Newbold of Rothly, for the second best ditto – 10s. 6d.
To ditto for the best whole blowing Bizarre, the M. of Granby – 1l. 1s. 6d.
To Mr. Wigley’s Gardiner for the second best ditto, the Earl of Chatham – 10s. 6d.
To Mr. Berry of Rothly, for the best Flake, Bailey’s Bishop of Winchester – 15s. 0d.
To Mr. Newbold of Ditto for the second best ditto, Cox’s Countess of Leicester – 10s. 6d.
To Mr. Wigley’s Gardiner, for the best Picatee – 10s. 6d.

And at the Florist Feast held the same day at Mrs. Lawton’s, the Bear and Swan, we also hear the company was very numerous, and at each place a very fine shew of Flowers.

* Time supplanted is both too personal, and too imperfect for insertion.