the Rev. Mr. John Westley

On Tuesday evening last the Rev. Mr. John Westley preached to a numerous audience in the Castle-Yard, in this Borough; but the rain preventing him from finishing his Discourse, he adjourned to Wednesday Morning at 5 o’clock, when he again preached to ’em in the Meeting-House at the bottom of Millstone-lane.
++MARRIED. Mr. Car, Hosier, in this Town (Son to the Rev. Mr. Car, of Swanwick in the county of Derby) to Miss Darch, as Somersetshire Lady.—At Loughborough in this County, _____ Lewin, of Ratcliff-upon-Soar, to a young woman of that Town, both Paupers. With the Bride the Parish Officers gave a portion of 5l. and upon his arrival at Ratcliff the nuptials were celebrated with extraordinary rejoicings. Amongst other Articles of entertainment a cold Possett of 30 gallons, was provided on the occasion, in which were 40 Penny Loaves and to which all the young Men and Maids joined. In a adjacent barn there was a Ball, where the Bride and Bridegroom, together with their friends, danced the greatest part of the evening.—
++DEAD. On Tuesday, Thomas Hopkins of a blow received in a quarrel, on Saturday night last, with Joseph Bromley, now in Prison.
++On Sunday evening the above Joseph Bromley was apprehended and carried before Mr. Alderman Fisher, who committed him to Gaol for further examination, and on Wednesday a detainer was lodged against him, upon the verdict if Willful Murder from the Inquest that sat upon the Body of the unfortunate Hopking on Tuesday evening.
++The circumstances attending this unfortunate affair, we shall endeavour to relate, as they appeared to the Jury, without aggravation to the unhappy prisoner or injustice to the deceased. On saturday evening last the deceased Hopking, with three of his companions, were at the White-Bear in Red-cross-street in this Borough, amusing themselves by pitching half-pence at a pin stuck upon a table. In the course of their play, the prisoner Bromley came in, and lookt on; upon pitching one cast which was nearer than common he offered to take four to one that it was not beat; which was taken up by the deceased and a bet of 4d. to 1d. laid; this the deceased lost, and said he would pay when he had changed. They afterwards laid another 2d. which the deceased won, who now owed Bromley 2d. and this they agreed to play for, double or quit. During the time of playing this game which the deceased also won, Bromley treated him with very abusive language, calling him Thief, &c., and this in return occasioned many exasperating words on the part of the deceased, who said, “though you are a greater man than myself, if you strip I’ll go into the Orchard and box with you.” Bromley of this Challenge struck at the deceased, who, by skulking his head, missed the blow aimed at him, and struck his knuckles with great violence against the wall; the deceased did not offer to return the blow, as we can learn, and the whole Company sat down for three or four minutes, when Bromley suddenly got up, seized the deceased (then sitting on a table) by the breast and belly, threw him over his leg by a cross buttock, and fell upon his body with one or both knees, as supposed, by the violence of which the bladder of the deceased was burst, (as apparent by the evidence of two Surgeons who opened the body) and was the cause of his death.The Jury brought in their verdict Willful Murder against Bromley.—The unfortunate deceased was about 23 years of age, worked Journeyman as a Scourer. The unhappy Prisoner is a Master-Barber and Peruke-Maker, has a wife and child, and the wife nearly down-lying again.
++The following Prisoners are likewise to take their Trials at our ensuing Assizes, which begin on Tuesday next, viz. John Henson, charged with stealing 3 strikes of Beans, the property of John Brown of Hinkley. William Billings, on the Coroner’s Inquest, charged with feloniously killing Thomas Lewin of Mountsorrel in this county. And Samuel Thompson, charged with stealing divers pieces of linen cloth, and other goods, the property of Robert Grimley, of Market Bosworth.