the Reputation of Charles Burdett

Whereas by the industrious Cruelty of a petulant and no less malevolent Female, the Reputation of CHARLES BURDETT, late of Leicester, has been wantonly traduced, as a Person so graceless and obnoxious to the Laws of his Country, and so mischievous a Member of Society, as to have met with part of his Deserts—by an Imprisonment in Newgate—for Forgery—or Highway Robbery.—This is to inform the Deceived Public, that the said Charles Burdett is still retained in the Service of the very worthy and respectable Mr. Cook of Northampton, and has not to his Knowledge obtained by Fraud or any species of collusion, any Part of any Person’s Property, and if the said amorous and no less obliging Lady, has had the misfortune to lose any particle of her Heart, it is not to his Knowledge in Honest BURDETT’s Possession; unless like JOSEPH’s Cup, it was designedly obtruded into his parting Portmanteau, without his Privity, and greatly against his serious Approbation.
++As Witness my Hand,