The report… is not true

The report of the death of Charles Ludlum, the boy who was robbed and abused by William Grice (now in our gaol) as mentioned in out last paper, upon enquiry is not true; the boy being quite recovered.
++We have the pleasure to assure our readers, that a subscription is intended speedily to be opened, for the relief of necessitous families, which it is hoped will meet with the desired success, at a time when the high price of grain, and the great decay of Trade in the Manufactory, renders it very difficult for the Poor to procure Bread for their Families, and who in consequence, are become truly objects of charity.
++We can also assure the public that Mr. Phipps, one of the Aldermen of this Borough, has in compassion for the distress of the poor House-Keepers, and through a tender feeling for their Miseries, imported from Ireland a ton of salted Butter, which he is now Retailing out at prime Cost;—a noble instance of Public Spirit and disinterestedness, and which it is hoped will have very salutary Effects in reducing the high Prices of that Article.