the production of a Female Pen

The following piece we believe to be the production of a Female Pen, and as such we insert it verbatim.

Any clergyman that is between the age of fifty and seventy, of a healthy constitution, of a grave, but not melancholy temper; a man sincerely devoted to the interest of his fellow creatures; of an enlarged understanding, noble inclinations and boundless benevolence; who to gain popularity will never sacrifice integrity; his intentions upright, his actions uniform, and one who cabals with no party: such a one may hear of an agreeable young girl, by answering this advertisement, who would gladly give him her hand. — She lives in Leicestershire, in a place of retirement; her character is as fair as the morning star, her ancestors noble, her age between twenty and twenty-five, her stature rather exceeding the middling, inclining to fatness, but proportionate in every part; of a healthy complexion and constitution; and for the rest will refer to his judgement, when an interview offers. But if any person who shall interest himself in this affair, shall desire it (and will do the same of himself) she will give a minute account of her person and circumstances, together with her reasons at large for her singularity. She is every way capable of making happy the person described (no other need apply) if tenderness, obedience, and observancy are requisites. She humbly hopes that no person, out of an idle curiosity, will (in order to know her story) answer this advertisement, as none but the person described, with all, or nearly all, the qualifications mentioned, will be approved of. Any person inclined to answer this advertisement, is desired to do it speedily, and he will greatly oblige his humble,