The performances of the celebrated Equilibrist

++To the PRINTER.
I last night with a few others saw Mr. Saunders perform on the WIRE, in the New Assembly-Rooms. His performances really are beyond Expectation or Description;—Your taking notice of this curious Artist in your Paper, may be a means of satisfying their Curiosity, that might not know him by other means.
I am your constant Reader, &c. &c.
++The performances of the above celebrated Equilibrist, are entirely new, and such as no other person in Europe ever yet attempted.—Particularly he walks on the WIRE on full swing, from one side of the Stage to the other, and turns with the greatest ease. He sits on a chair on the WIRE, at the same time balances sundry pyramids of plates, pipes, swords, and glasses, in full swing. He walks on a deal plank on the WIRE, and carries a ballance on his nose, in full swing. He rings six bells, plays on the guittar and balances a French-horn on his lips, while he sounds God Save the King. He tosses balls and stands upon his head on the WIRE in full swing without holding with his hands. He also throws himself over and over, as swift as the fly of a jack. He ballances a boy upon the top of a ladder upon his chin, to admiration, and kicks the straw on the ground. All the above performances we hear Mr. Saunders will exhibit this evening at the New Assembly Rooms.