the noted William Wilkes

On saturday last was committed to the gaol for this county, by the Rev. Mr. Coulton, one of his Majesty’s Justices acting for the said county, William Smith, of Hinkley, charged with Sheering eight Sheep, and stealing and carrying away the Wool, the property of Mr. Walker of Beaumont Lees, near Leicester. — He was observed early on saturday Morning with a fadge upon his back, in the Belgrave-gate in this Borough, and having before been guilty of such practices, was apprehended on suspicion, and the Wool found upon him, in half Fleeces containing only the back parts of Sheep, in which manner Mr. Walker’s Sheep had been clipped. — This is the same Man who was admitted an Evidence and swore against his Accomplices at the last Assizes for an offence of the same Nature, and who ’tis now hoped will meet with his deserts.
++On wednesday was committed to the said gaol, by the Rev. Mr. Ashby of Barwell, the NOTED WILLIAM WILKES, at Orton-in-the-Hill in this county, charged with Fishing in Congleton-Brook, not being qualified, and for not paying the penalty of Five Pounds, to which he was liable by the late Act of Parliament. — This fellow is one of the honourable fraternity of HORSE-CATCHERS and has long been the Terror of the neighbourhood, for seizing the Horses of Farmers drawing upon Turnpike Roads, with a greater number than are allowed by Act of Parliament, notwithstanding the said Roads in may places have not been repaired and are impassable for a loaded Waggon drawn only with the number of Horses directed by the said Act. — On the 13th of this Instant June, he had the Assurance to Advertise in this Paper, setting forth that he followed this profession, “of his own free will and choice, in order to bring Offenders to justice.” — But as we hear he has been concerned in extorting Money from many Persons, under pretence on compounding, and contrary to the Statute, ’tis hoped a method may be found of ridding the Country of so great a nuisance.