The Nation’s Wish

By A L A D Y

Cursed be the Wretch that’s bought and sold,
And barters Liberty for Gold!
For when Election is not free,
In vain we boast of Liberty;
And he, who sells his single Right,
Would sell his Country if he might.

When Liberty is put to Sale,
For Wine, for Money, or for Ale,
The Sellers must be abject Slaves,—
The Buyers vile, designing knaves;
And ’t has a Proverb been of old,
“The Devil’s bought but to be Sold.”

This Maxim in the Statesman’s School,
Is always taught — “Divide and Rule.”
All Parties are to him a Joke,
While Zealots foam, he fits the Yoke;
When Men their Reason once resume,
‘Tis then the Statesman’s turn to fume.

Learn, learn, ye Britons, to unite,
Leave off the old exploded bite;
Henceforth let Whig and Tory cease,
And turn all Party-Rage to Peace;
Then shall we see a glorious Scene;—
And so—God save the King and Queen!