The Lover’s Instructor

Just published, Price only One Shilling,

or the Whole Art of Courtship.

Containing 1. The most ingenious Letters, written to and from both Sexes, relative to Love and Courtship. 2. Love Epistles in Verse, written in an elegant Stile. 3. The Politest Personal Conversation between Lovers, &c. &c.

To which is prefix’d

A Preface, directing each sex how to make a prudent Choice in a Partner for Life; and several other curious particulars.

Love’s the most generous Passion of the Mind,
The softest Refuge innocence can find;
The Cordial Drop Heav’n in our Cup has thrown,
To make the Nauseous Draught of Life go down.

London: Printed for J Cooke, in the Strand.