The Little Mare

To be either sung or said, as you please — Reader.
Tune: The Old Woman of Grimstone.

++++Of the Ass of the Q______,
++++What is said, what is seen,
My muse has no need to declare,
++++In a word to the wise,
++++True discretion relies,
So she sings of the — sweet little Mare.
++++++++++++Fal da ral &c.

++++What Mare? you will say,
++++But be cautious I pray,
And lead us not into a snare:
++++Not the Mare in our city,
++++But India’s so pretty,
Though we have a good little — Mare.

++++When upon Ludgate hill,
++++Weavers would not be still,
What foot and horse soldiers were there!
++++But I’ll venture to say,
++++They had all ran away,
Had they seen but the Q_____’s little Mare.

++++Soon from Shetland shall come,
++++Little horses to bum,
Like the knick-nacks at Bartle’mew fair,
++++Lord bless the small breed!
++++May their courtship succeed!
For the sake of the — poor little Mare.

++++See the great men of London,
++++Who are not yet undone,
To Court to get Caudle repair,
++++Lord bless their good hearts!
++++For they’re all men of Parts!
So we honour the — sweet little Mare.
++++++++++++Fal da ral &c.