The last Night but One of Performing in Town

The last Night but One of Performing in Town, at the New Theatre in Leicester:

MR. SAUNDERS, the celebrated Equilibrist, from the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden and Sadler’s-Wells, London, will exhibit on Monday the 9th inst. his Inimitable Performances on the

S L A C K+ W I R E

Without a Pole, never attempted by any other Person. ++Particularly, he will stand on his Head on a Pint Bottle, on the Wire in full Swing. He will walk upon Stilts on the Wire, and ballance the point of a Sword on the edge of a Wine-Glass in full Swing. Also will drive a Wheel-Barrow on the Wire, with a Dog in it, full Swing. He ballances a Straw on his Foot, tosses it on his Face, and shifts it from all parts thereof from his Face to his Foot again, then from foot to foot, and kicks it for a considerable height, and catches it on his Face in a ballance. He takes a wine glass which he holds in his Mouth, and kicks the Straw, which he catches in the glass, and from thence upon the edge of the glass, then throws the Straw behind him, kicks it backwards with his heel, and catches it in the Ballance on his Face to Admiration. Likewise,

Entertainments of SINGING,

After which he will ballance a Boy upon the top of a Ladder on his Chin, to Admiration. With Musick, Scenes, and other Decorations. Boxes 2s. Pit 1s. 6d. First Gallery 1s. Upper Gallery 6d.
++Tickets to be had at the Cranes, Crowns and Turk’s-head on the Coal-Hill. To begin precisely at 7 o’clock. The town may depend on seeing the same performances as above inserted.
++N.B. New Performances each Night.