The Indian Chief

On the Subject of Educating Indian Children, under English Masters.

Ye double-tongues Christians we used to call friends,
Who have crossed the great river to serve your own ends,
Say what you will teach, who so clearly discern,
Superior to Nature, from whom we all learn?

She dictates to earn first whatever we eat,
And our hunting produces a goust to our meat;
Out thirst we then slake from the rivlets so clear,
That water our Woodlands, the round of the year,

She provide us with yams, and bananoes and pines,
With guavas and melons, and peach-trees and vines,
All artless and happy, none here were distressed,
Whilst temperance governed each innocent breast.

Now hark to the good that you Christians have done,
You taught us the use of the murdering gun;
You taught us to drink, and you taught us to whore,
To swear, and to cheat, which we ne’er did before.

O Hypocrites! — made up of Vices and Lies,
You taught us a Worship we see you despise,
Continue in Britain, there spoil your own Youth,
And leave the young Savage to Virtue and Truth.