The Ghost

On Saturday the 29th of this instant September will be published price One Shilling

THE GHOST; or a conscientious Account of a Conference lately held with the GHOST of JOHN CROXFORD, executed the 4th of August 1764, at Northampton, for the murder of a Person unknown; Containing a full Confession of that unparalleled Barbarity, with many particulars relating to the Affair, never yet known but to the Parties concerned. Prefixed to which, is the Proof of the being of God, the certainty of a Resurrection, and the State of the Soul between Death and the Day of Judgement; At the end whereof the Philosophy of Apparitions is considered, their Use and Tendency shewn; their Reality supported by the Testimony of Sacred and Profane Writers, and confirmed by extraordinary Instances from both.
++By a MINISTER of the GOSPEL, near Northampton, who was personally concerned in the above Conference, on Sunday the 12th of August last.
++Sold by S. Crowder in Pater-noster-row, London; W. Harrod, Market Harbro’; Messrs. Gregory and Ireland in Leicester, and all County Booksellers.