the first day of our new market

Last Wednesday being the first day of our new market, there were a good many head of cattle, and several were sold; — ’tis suspected this weekly meeting will in time become considerable, and be of great service to the town and neighbourhood.
++On Sunday last Mary Cornfield, widow, was brought by habeas from Coventry to our county gaol, charged with wilful and corrupt perjury, by giving evidence at our last assize on the trial of John Townsend, one of the persons condemned for breaking open and robbing the house of Mr. Prince.
++Eleanor Trowell, was ordered at the said assize to be transported for 7 years, and not acquitted (as mentioned by mistake in out last paper).
++Last week Robert Day, was committed to our county gaol, by William Wright, Esq. charged with stealing two weather sheep, the property of Mr. George Cooper, of Glen, in this county.
++Matthew Bott for forgery, and John Townsend for housebreaking, will not be executed on Monday next (as mentioned in our last), but on Monday se’nnight, as is expected.