The Famous Saxon Doctor Goergslenner

The Famous Saxon Doctor and Oculist GOERGSLENNER, who during his Stay here in this Town, both at his Lodgings and in Public, upon Poor and Miserable Objects, many of whom had been given up by other eminent Doctors and Surgeons, and turned out from Hospital as incurable, and yet perfectly cured by this Doctor: facts well known to a Multitude of Persons, who have been Eye-witnesses. Among the many Cures the Doctor has performed a few are inserted here, and that at the particular desire of the following Persons which were cured by him.
++Joseph Alvey, 71 years of age, living in Nighton Parish, who was very deaf of both Ears these 40 years standing, is now cured and can hear very well, considering his age. And the above Jos. Alvey had lost the use of his right arm and hand for a long time, is now restored to the use of them again.—Thomas Cawner, Taylor, in Silver Street, 63 years of age, who was very deaf in both Ears for two years and upwards, is now cured.—John Warwick, 26 years of age, living in St. Martin’s Parish, was afflicted with a very bad Leg with Sores and Ulcers, this eight years standing, and he was entirely lame with it, and was obliged to walk upon two crutches, and he has applied to several Doctors, was in London in an Infirmary, but all without a Cure, and is now perfectly cured, and can walk as well as ever.—William Johnston, 23 years of age, living in St. Mary’s Parish, who was afflicted with very bad Eyes, and large specks upon them, and was almost blind. He has laboured under this Disorder above 15 years, and has applied to several other Doctors, but all without any effect, and is now cured and can see as well as ever he has done in his life.—Perfectly cured Mary Garrel, 39 years of age, living at the Coach and Horses, who was very deaf of both Ears, this 6 years standing.—The Wife of Samuel Goodrich, 46 years of age, living in the Horse-Fair. She was sorely troubled with bad inflammation (Chemosis) upon her left Eye; was full of pain and entirely blind, and was afflicted a considerable time with it, but is now perfectly restored to her proper sight.—The Son of Mary Wood, ten years of age, living in All Saints Parish, who was entirely deaf of both ears, and not able to hear a Drum for five years standing, is now restored again to his proper hearing, and can hear the least thing.—The Daughter of Elizabeth Newcomb, aged 20 years, living in All Saints Parish. She was severely troubled with very bad Eye and Humours, and specks upon them; she was almost blind and afflicted with it from her infancy, but is now cured and can see any thing.
++All the above Persons living here in Leicester, and a many more have been cured by this Doctor, but an account of them is too long to be inserted here.
++The Doctor intends to stay some Time longer here, for the Relief of the Poor.—Patients who are outwardly afflicted, the Doctor must see and examine himself, but those who are inwardly disordered, may know their Disorder, and whether curable or not, by sending their morning Urine, and he undertakes none he judges incurable.
++The Doctor to be spoke with every day at his Apartments at Mr. William Simpson’s, Hosier in the Swine-Market, Leicester.
++Letter Post-paid duly answered.