The Distressed Widow

The Distressed WIDOW of a CLERGYMAN, who Advertised her unhappy Circumstances in the Paper of the 4th and 21st of May last, desires her humble and sincere Acknowledgements to the generous Friends of he Distress—most of them UNKNOWN—who so kindly relieved her then PRESSING NECESSITIES,—And as the HEARTS which could so tenderly feel for her, must also participate in her Happiness, She begs leave to inform them, (at the same Time acknowledging with the humblest Gratitude and Obligation) her unhappy Case by that means, came to the knowledge of EDWARD PALMER, Esq; one of the Trustees of Knawson Hospital, by whose Favour she has order for Admission into that Valuable CHARITY.—In that Retreat—from the alarms of future distress—She humbly Hopes, that a lasting sense of so Providential an Appearance in her favour, may induce her constantly to pray for Blessings of every important Nature, to descend on her Benefactors.