the condition of the labouring poor

The many public and private Charities at this time distributing amongst the Poor, sufficiently shew, that public spirit and beneficence at no time more powerfully existed here than at present. The great stagnation of Trade in the Manufactory, together with the excessive high price of almost every article of life, has rendered the condition of the labouring poor truly alarming and deplorable, and called loudly for assistance from those blessed with a greater degree of affluence. To mitigate in some measure this distress, we have the pleasure to inform the public, that upwards of 190l. has already been subscribed for their relief, and we hear will be distributed amongst proper objects at the discretion of a Committee appointed for that purpose. This together with the Collections made by the several parishes, and several other private donations (which we’ve not the liberty of mentioning) will at this time greatly relieve their wants, as well as excite others to like acts of benevolence.
++On Saturday, three horses belonging to Mr. Fisher, of this town, were unfortunately drowned by the driver’s attempting to get to a mill of his master’s upon the river Soar, and the man himself narrowly escaped with his life.
++Mr. Parkinson of Quarndon in this county, had the misfortune to have 20 sheep drowned, all fit for the knife, and we expect to hear of more damage in the county. The excessive quantity of rains on Friday and Friday night, very suddenly raised the rivers, and occasioned the largest flood known here for many years.
++On Thursday, six of the prisoners confined in a dungeon in the county gaol, found means to get off their fetters, and greatly alarmed the prison before they could be secured, but by the assistance of a file of men kept by the commanding officer of the dragoons quartered here, they were soon appeased, and again heavily ironed.