The Companion for the Fire-Side

This day is Published

In a handsome Pocket Volume (Price 2s. 6d. sewed, or 3s. neatly bound in Calf) adorned with a curious Frontispiece, from an Original Painting, representing the FOUR GREAT DANGERS.

Companion for the Fire-Side
Winter Evening’s Amusement

A valuable and useful Collection of amusing and instructive Stories, Tales, Fables, Allegories, Historical Facts, Eastern Tales, Novels, Remarkable Events, and Singular Occurrences. Selected from the most celebrated Writers in several Languages, many of which never appeared in Print before.

To pass the dull Evening in Pleasure away
And laugh at the cares of Mankind,
Accept of a chearful Companion today,
To Mirth and Amusement inclined.
The Contents of our Volume will amply repay
The Expense that the Purchase has cost;
And none but a Blockhead will seriously say,
That his Time, or his Money was lost.

Printed for J. COOKE at Shakespear’s Head, No. 10 in Pater-noster-Row; and sold by Mr. Gregory in Leicester, and most other Book-sellers.