The Cheats of London Exposed

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Price Only One Shilling (adorned with Six curious Copper-Plate cuts beautifully engraved from Original Designs, which Alone are worth the Price of the Book)

The CHEATS of LONDON Exposed
The TRICKS of the TOWN Laid Open to both Sexes.

Being a Discovery of all the various Frauds and Villainies that are daily practiced in that great City. Among many others are the Following, viz. Highwaymen, or Scamps, Sharpers, Gamblers, Kidnappers, Waggon-hunters, Pretended Friends, Money Droppers, Duffers and Setters, Mock-Auctions, Register Offices, Quacks, Bullies, Bawds, Whores, Pimps, Jilts, Gossips, and Fortune-Tellers. The whole laid down in so plain and easy a manner, as to enable the most innocent Country People to ne completely on their Guard how to avoid the base Villainies of such vile and abandoned Wretches, who live by robbing and ruining the young and innocent of both Sexes. Together with General Remarks on the present State and Conditions of the Town. Interspersed with useful Admonitions, to Persons of all Ages and Conditions.
++By the Author of the MIDNIGHT SPY.

Herein are shown the various Feats,
Of Whores and Rogues, and other Cheats,
Here Youth are taught those Snares to shun,
By which so many are undone.

London. Printed for J. COOKE, at the Shakespear’s Head, in Pater-noster-Row and sold by all other Book-sellers in England.
++To prevent Imposition, be careful to ask for the Cheats of London Exposed, adorned with curious Copper-Plate Cuts, and o observe that every Book is signed on the Back of the Title Page by the Publisher,