the celebrated Mr. Saunders

On Monday next the 30th inst. we hear that the celebrated Mr. Saunders, from his Majesty’s Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden will perform, The same performance which he did on the 10th of May 1760, at Covent-Garden before the Royal Family, and most of the nobility of the Kingdom, with universal applause.
++In particular, that most inimitable equilibre of an egg ballanced on the top of 2 straws. He beats the march in Judas Maccabaeus on a side drum in full swing and turns around on the Wire with a ballance on his face. He walks and turns round blindfold in a bag and plays on all sorts of music in full swing, particularly on the Guittar, while ballancing a straw on the edge of a wine-glass. With his amazing exhibition of sitting on a chair on the Wire, while ballancing a pyramid of pipes, and at the same time ballances a table on his foot, with bottles and glasses of wine, pipes, and candles, all in full swing.
++Mr. Saunders also stands upon his head on a pint bottle upon the Wire, in full swing, without holding his hands to admiration. Likewise, Entertainments of Singing, after which Mr. Saunders ballances a Boy upon the top of a ladder on his chin to admiration. Also kicks the straw on the ground. With music, scenes and other decorations. Pit 1s. 6d. Gallery 1s. Upper Gallery 6d.
++Tickets to be had at the Cranes, Crowns, and Turk’s-Head on the Coal-Hill. To begin precisely at 7 o’clock. The public may depend on seeing the same performance as above inserted.
++N.B. This will be the last time Mr. Saunders performs in town.