The Celebrated Mr. John Rea

Lately arrived from LONDON

And will perform on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the 18th, 20th and 22nd of this instant July, and positively no longer, at a large and commodious Room at the Turks-Head, on the Coal-Hill in Leicester:

The Celebrated Mr. JOHN REA
(Whose singular Exhibition, which consists of CARDS and several other curious Performances, have been exhibited before their MAJESTIES, and many of the Nobility and Gentry with uncommon Applause.)

Begs Leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Leicester, that he Purposes performing many

New and Curious DECEPTIONS
Never exhibited in Public by any Person but Himself.

As the greatest and most surprising part of his Performance is the product of his own invention, he hopes to remove the too commonly received prejudice, that the Subjects of Great Britain, are less happy than those of other Countries in Inventive genius; and he will forfeit One Hundred Guineas to any Foreigner that shall perform what he will exhibit.
++Ladies and Gentlemen may have a private performance at their own house at any time of Day if required.
++The Doors to be opened at 6, and to begin precisely at 7. New Deceptions each Night. Front seats 2s. Back seats 1s. Tickets to be had at the Turk’s-Head.

As many Bunglers and Common Pretenders to Dexterity of Hand are daily imposing on the Public, Mr. REA takes this opportunity of acquainting the Public that no Money is taken at the Door: And if he does not give general satisfaction he will desire nothing for his Trouble.
++He will go from Leicester to Loughbro, where he will stay two Nights, and then proceed for Nottingham and Derby.