The Book of Fate

This Day is Published,
(Price One Shilling and Six-pence)

Adorned with a most beautiful Frontispiece finely engraved from a Drawing taken from Life.


Containing I. The Art of Fortune telling, Conjuring and Juggling, in all its branches. II. The Method of throwing Cups and Balls, eating Fire, and other curious feats of Legerdemain. III. A true Interpretation of all Kinds of Dreams, digested in Alphabetical Order. IV. The Art of Palmistry, or prognostication by the Hand, to which is added an entire new and extraordinary Method of telling Fortunes by Cards and Dice with many particulars never before published.

By WILLIAM PARTRIDGE, Doctor of Astrology.

Here you may read with great Surprize,
Of Mysteries hid from vulgar Eyes;
Of wondrous deed by Magic wrought,
Exceeding all Belief or Thought;
Yet is this Art so well-explained,
That our Magic may be gained;
And every matter clearly known,
You Neighbour’s fortune — or your own.

Printed by J. Cooke in Pater-noster-Row; and sold by J. Gregory in Leicester, and all other Book-sellers.

Be careful to ask for the Book of Fate printed for J. Cooke, all others being spurious and an Imposition on the Public.—As this book is entered in the Hall-Book of the Company of Stationers, whosoever pirates the whole or any part of it will be prosecuted as the Law directs.