the Assizes for this Borough and County

On Friday last ended the Assizes for this Borough and County, before Lord Chief Justice Wilmot and Sir Richard Adams, Knt. when John Henson, for breaking open and robbing the Barn of John Brown of Hinkley; and Samuel Thompson, charged with stealing divers pieces of Linnen Cloth from the shop of Robert Grinley, were ordered to be transported for seven years. John Bradbury, charged with being concerned in the above Robbery of Robert Grinley, was acquitted; and Elizabeth his Wife, admitted an Evidence against Samuel Thompson. Thomas Coulton, for a Breach of the Peace, remanded back to Prison, to the Quarter Sessions, or till he can find securities for his good Behaviour. William Billings, and Joseph Bromley, convicted of Manslaughter and Branded.
++The Trial of Bromley came on at 6 o’Clock on Friday morning, and continued five hours and a half: The Evidence that appeared against the Prisoner amounted to nearly the same as the Account given in our last, and collected from the Evidence on the Inquest. Which notwithstanding it was attended with many circumstances, highly blameable in the Prisoner, who certainly gave the first cause of aggression, and was the cause of an unfortunate young man to lost his Life; yet as no Malice appeared before, and in the course of altercation, a challenge had been given by the deceased; as the Prisoner did not fly for it, but that evening did his business as usual without any apparent hurry or agitation of spirits; on Sunday went down to see the deceased, and kindly enquired of him how he was, and expressed a desire that he might have all possible help, and a great many Persons of Credit appearing to his Character, it had a proper weight with the Jury. The Judge summed up the evidence, and marked out the line (which in this case seems to have been a very narrow one) that constitutes the difference betwixt Murder and Manslaughter; and left the decision entirely to the Jury, who after going out of the Court for a few Minutes, returned with their Verdict, which is reckoned just and sensible, and gave satisfaction to the Court. After which his Lordship severely reprimanded the Prisoner, and was pleased to order him eleven months imprisonment.
++The appearance of the High Sheriff and his Retinue was exceedingly elegant; his numerous Attendants, Horses, Equipage, &c. exceeding any thing of the kind ever seen here before.
++On Thursday was married at St. Mary’s Church in this Borough, Mr. Orton, Framesmith, to Miss Alvey, both of this place.

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