the annual Venison Feast

On Monday last died Mr. Thomas Harris, an eminent druggist in this town.
++On Monday last was held at the 3 Cranes Inn in this town, the annual Venison-Feast, in commemoration of the defeat of the invincible Armada of Spain, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth; in the forenoon Mr. Mayor attended by the corporation, went to St. Martin’s church, where a sermon was preached on the occasion; and from thence proceeded in procession to the 3 Cranes Inn, where a dinner was provided, and at which four hundred and fifty-one persons dined.
++On Sunday evening last, as six young lads of Hackleton near Northampton, were bathing in the Serpentine river near the bridge at Horton, three of them, one about 12, another about 14, and the other about 16 years of age, were unfortunately drowned.
++Yesterday ended the assizes for Northumberland, when William Foy, alias Smith, received sentence of death.
++[The above William Foy was apprehended at Leicester at the Blue-Bell, at the same time that Douglas and others were taken, to which gang he belonged, and is now convicted of returning from transportation before the expiration of his time. His chief residence was Kegworth in Leicestershire, and where he has several children. — His wife was executed at Coventry about Christmas last, having been condemned the assizes before, but reprieved on account of her being then pregnant.]
++Also at the same time Joseph Hall and William Beney received sentence of death.